Eat Stop Eat review – Permanent Way To Loss Weight

Eat Stop Eat is a book that is unlike any other dieting product on the market as it debunks the most common myths of the health industry and has a different approach to losing weight. It is developed by Brad Pilon who actually has a masters degree in nutrition and also worked in the supplement industry. So although unconventional, every claim in the book is supported by science and the numerous (over 300) citations present within the book.

How it works –

Eat Stop Eat is based on the principle of Intermittent Fasting where you have to stop eating for a specific amount of time once or twice a week. It may seem confusing or scary at first but you actually never go without food for a single day. This fasting period can last anywhere between 8-24 hours according to your needs and schedule, though generally 24 hours is recommended to achieve maximum results. You will never fast on consecutive days.

Why it works –

• Human Growth Hormone(HGH) is the number one fat burning hormone and following the guidelines of Eat Stop Eat can increase your HGH production by up to 15X or even 2000% according to various studies.

• Doing intermittent fasting can also activate a special body process called Autophagy. This detoxes the body of toxins and repairs damaged and defective cell membranes, organelles and cellular proteins.

• Insulin prevents the body from burning fat. Following Eat Stop Eat will decrease insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity. Also, during the fasting period fat oxidation starts and keeps on increasing.

• Contrary to popular beliefs short periods of fasting does not decrease metabolic rates or muscle damage. In fact, it increases metabolic rate and maintains healthy muscle mass if you exercise about 4 days a week.

• Fasting also decreases chronic inflation along with glucose levels and increases glucagon, epinephrine, and norepinephrine levels.

Eat Stop Eat pros –

• The book is based on solid scientific research and includes over 300 citations.

• It debunks various health industry myths.

• Answers various F.A.Q about leptin, testosterone, cortisol, and breakfast.

• Eat Stop Eat is a way of life and not a diet program. There are no restrictions on what you can eat.

• You can fast according to your schedule so it is more flexible than other programs.

• Along with the main guide, you also get a bonus called Eat Stop Eat quick start guide.

• It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

Eat Stop Eat cons –

• You have to exercise at least 4 times a week to maintain healthy muscle mass. This can actually be a good thing and you don’t exactly have to go to the gym.

• Fasting for the first few times can cause headaches and weakness.

• It is not recommended for diabetics, pregnant women or people with any other eating disorders.

• This is a digital product and not a physical book.

Conclusion –

The value provided within the book along with evidence-based scientific research easily trumps any other dieting product on the market. This is the go-to book about fasting and everything related to it. If you want a solid, no-nonsense book about losing weight that is tried and tested by various happy users than you should give Eat Stop Eat a risk-free try.